The Who, What and Why of Dad's Keto Kitchen

Who is "Dad"?  

I am actually a Dad! In 2009, I moved back here from NYC to raise my kids as a single Dad. It was then and is now my goal to serve my family and friends healthy, homemade meals and avoid fast food. I'm a traditional "sit-down-for-dinner" kind of guy. My thoughts on diet? As I tell my kids, I don't care if you're round, square or triangle, it's all about what you put into your body that counts. I truly believe that "working out from within" should be everyone's first goal, long before any form of exercise.

My path to Keto? I fell upon it over 3 years ago after putting on a good amount of weight (see picture below) and finding myself using a CPAP for sleep apnea (I would stop breathing 56x an hour!). Suddenly, my weight dropped, my sleep apnea was gone and I was running like a 20 year old! In fact, I ran my first half-marathon in April 2018 in just under 2 hours! In a short while, I felt like I shaved years off my life! I still do. To be able to help others feel this way, or just feel better about themselves is the most rewarding thing I have ever felt. Your success stories inspire me daily!

Why Dad's?

Healthy, delicious and convenient! Keto has gained a great amount of popularity recently for weight loss, but it's actually been around since the early 1920's. Weight loss is only one part of why Dad's Keto Kitchen was launched though. To me, it's about being healthier overall and weight "adjustment". Dad's is about flavor, being satiated, awake, alive and avoiding the cardboard flavors we've all been presented when trying to avoid gluten and sugar. Yes, eating healthy CAN taste good!

Dad's is also about convenience. Our schedules have become so demanding that take out became the only option. Not anymore. Now, Dad's offers you freshly made, perfectly portioned, macro-balanced meals and specialty bakery products at you're fingertips, ready to eat in a couple of minutes. And they're made locally and delivered within 24 hours of being made!

The truth is our body has it's own built-in weight management system. Through poor diets, modified food sources and poor advice from our government, the SAD (Standard American Diet) has caused our bodies to become confused and angry. Insulin spikes, inflammation, digestive issues, Type 2 diabetes...the list goes on. How do you reset your body's management system? Proper diet - good, healthy fats, moderate protein and very low carbs. So many of our health issues are caused by inflammation within our bodies - IBS, Arthritis, NA fatty liver, ulcerative colitis, even dementia it's now thought, etc. (Did you know cancer can't survive without a sugar source?). So much of this is directly caused by our food intake! Nearly all of the issues we fight today can be cured or managed through better diet. It's how we were built! But like your car, we need the right fuel. Think about that.

(Quick fact: the SAD was issued to the public by Senator McGovern in 1977. Suddenly fat was evil. Low-fat foods with fake sweeteners flooded the market.  Since then obesity has skyrocketed, Type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed, heart disease worsened, and we are at our unhealthiest. Yes, the very things it was designed to prevent has caused them to worsen dramatically. Thanks, Senator.)

Am I a doctor or nutritionist? No. In fact, I disagree with most of the doctors and nutritionists out there. I am just a guy who loves making fresh, healthy food and helping others become healthier, too. It took me 48 years to find out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Turns out I'm Dad.  

Welcome to Dad's Keto Family. Please have a seat at the table. Dinner will be served shortly. 

And yes, you CAN have dessert! 😉